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Readership Survey Findings
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Mississippi Advertising & Media Use Survey summary findings

  • More than seven in 10 Mississippi adults read a printed daily, Sunday or weekly newspaper during an average week or access a newspaper website. This is equal to more than 1.5 million consumers.
  • Newspaper websites add to the reach of printed newspapers; almost six in 10 (56%) Mississippi adults access a daily or Sunday printed newspaper or a newspaper website at least [once] during an average week.

  • Newspaper readership in Mississippi is stronger among younger adults (18-34) than seen in most states. More than seven in 10 (72%) younger adults access a printed newspaper or a newspaper website weekly.

  • More than half of adults (55%) read a weekly newspaper during an average week. 


  • Newspapers are a stronger local news source in Mississippi than we see in many states; nationally, television is perceived by adults to be a better source.

  • All other sources, including the internet, are much further back.

  • Newspaper ties for the lead with local TV, both at 40%. The next most chosen source of news is National TV (5%).

  • Social media only accounts for 1%.


  • Almost six in 10 (57%) say printed newspapers are the one local advertising source they rely on most.
  • Newspapers are considered to be the most trustworthy advertising source by almost four in 10 (38%), more than double the percentage of any other source.
  • Direct mail advertising is not well read by Mississippians. Thirty-four percent is thrown away without being read.

  • Almost half of Mississippi adults (46%) make a purchase during an average month as a result of advertising in a printed newspaper.

  • TV commercials are not watched frequently by Mississippi consumers. Only one in four adults (25%) watch a commercial when it comes on TV.

  • Half of Mississippi adults (1.1 million) recall reading or seeing legal advertising in a newspaper; even higher among newspaper readers (63%).
  • Almost nine in 10 (87%) say keeping the public informed through legal advertising is an important requirement for government agencies.

  • Mississippi adults would be much less likely to read legal notices if they were eliminated from newspapers and made available only online on government websites. More than six in 10 (61%) would read legal advertisements less; almost four in 10 (35%) would read them much less often.

  • Eight in 10 adults in Mississippi (76%) are internet users. Seven in 10 access the internet at least weekly, about equal to the national average (74%).
  • Most internet users in Mississippi [81%) have a computer, laptop or tablet at home with internet access.
  • Almost half of Mississippi Internet users (45%) visit a local newspaper website during an average month.
  • Most Mississippi adults who access local newspaper do not pay for the service (84%).
  • About one in five (22%) use a mobile phone most frequently; one in 10 (11%) use a tablet.

  • Among younger adults (18-34), a mobile phone is used more frequently than any other method to access a newspaper website.

Source: American Opinion Research, 2013

Click here to download a copy of the full survey report

For more information, contact:

Layne Bruce, executive director

Mississippi Press Association

601-981-3060, ext. 229
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